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Aprestad el bridón: Envía emails a Obama alertándolo sobre Calderón

sáb 10 de enero de 2009

A Barack Obama le encanta usar su blackberry, pero el Servicio Secreto de Estados Unidos no quiere que lo siga usando por considerarlo un riesgo a la seguridad nacional.

Antes de que le quiten el blackberry a Obama, hay que escribirle.

Notimex ha estado publicando con demasiada insistencia nota tras nota sobre la reunión entre Felipe Calderón y Barack Obama que se llevará a cabo el próximo lunes 12 de Enero.

Esta reunión en realidad es entre Obama, George W.

Bush, y como colado, Felipe Calderón, pero el gobierno usurpador la ha querido promover como un acto legitimador para Calderón.

La reunión de entre una hora y 90 minutos no resolverá en lo absoluto ninguno de los problemas bilaterales entre México y Estados Unidos.

Para lo único que servirá es para que Calderón se tome la foto.

Nada más.

Al margen de que esto ocurra o no, es justo y necesario que tanto Barack Obama como el público de Estados Unidos que votó por Obama sepan el tipo de fichita con la que se va a reunir Obama.

Por este motivo, SDP convoca a sus lectores a ¡aprestad el bridón!

y escribirle tanto a Barack Obama como a medios alternativos de Estados Unidos como Michael Moore, el Huffington Post, Democracy Now y Moveon.

org para alertarles de lo que está por ocurrir y le avisen a Obama de lo mal que se va a ver sacándose la foto con Calderón.

Simplemente envíen el siguiente email a las siguientes direcciones: pt.


gov mike@michaelmoore.

com mmflint@aol.

com moveon-help@list.

moveon. org domains@moveonpac.

org scoop@huffingtonpost.

com spanish@democracynow.

org Y usen el siguiente título: "Why is Barack Obama meeting with somebody like Felipe Calderon?

" (En español: "¿Por qué se va a reunir Obama alguien como Felipe Calderón?

") Este es el cuerpo del mensaje: "Dear Mr.

Obama, I'm writing you on behalf of the Mexican people.

The Mexican government has been insisting quite a bit on letting everybody know that you will be meeting with appointed president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, on Monday, January 12. As concerned Mexicans who supported your presidential campaign in the hope of bringing change not just to the USA, but to the world, we simply can't understand why are you meeting with Calderon.

Don't you know who he is?

Here are some facts: 1. In 2006 Calderón launches a smear campaign against left-wing presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Much like the smear campaign John McCain used against you.

2. Just a few days before the presidential election, Calderon meets in secret with former Central America guerrillas who murdered people in places like El Salvador.

To this day Calderon has not revealed why was he meeting with them.

The meeting was reported by El Universal newspaper here: http://www.eluniversal.

com. mx/primera/26585.html 3. Calderon and his political right-winf party, the PAN, perpetrate an electoral fraud to steal the Mexican presidency.

A court ends up appointing Calderon after refusing to do a vote recount, much like the Supreme Court did with George W Bush un 2000. The complete details of this fraud can be seen in the documentary FRAUDE: Mexico 2006 (you can find a copy in the US with subtitles.

) 4. Almost immediately after taking the office he did not win in the elections, Calderon launches a "war against drug traffic" in a desperate attempt at trying to legitimize his electoral fraud.

The "war" has not solve the drug problem in Mexico.

On the contrary; it duplicated the amount of violence in Mexico in just one year.

2008 saw twice as many deaths related to crime than the previous year, which also had an increment in crime-related deaths.

5. That in itself is a problem.

But to make it even worse, hundreds of those deaths have been innocent civilians.

Many of them, on top of it, were murdered by the Mexican military at the checkpoints ordered by Calderon in different cities throughout Mexico.

Two cases are particularly horrid.

One in the state of Sinaloa, where the army fired against a truck with an entire family, killing almost all of them--including women and children.

When the wounded were taken to the hospital by other family members, the military did everything they could to keep them from reaching the hospital promptly.

As a result, most of the wounded died.

Some say the army did this to make sure there were no survivors who could testify against them.

This incident took place in May of 2007. One of the many news articles on the incident can be read here: http://www. jornada. unam. mx/2007/06/13/index.

php? section=politica&article=010n1pol 6. Another inciden ot murder by the Mexican army under Calderon: On december 12, 2008, the Mexican army opens fire against a pregnant woman in the state of Chihuahua.

One of the many news articles on the incident can be read here: http://www. jornada. unam. mx/2009/01/08/index.

php? section=politica&article=015n1pol 7. Inbetween these two incidents of outright murder by the army commanded by Calderon, presidential elections in the USA took place.

Calderon did not support you, Mr.

Obama. He supported your rival, John McCain.

On a radio interview he declared point blank that McCain "knows Mexico better".

This was interpreted as an obvious endorsement of McCain.

A news article on the incident can be read here: http://www.eluniversal.

com. mx/notas/535111.html By the way: the exact same day German Martinez, president of the PAN party--and one of Calderon's puppets--published an op-ed piece in El Universal newspaper in which he too endorsed McCain.

At the end of his op-ed piece he said: "Obama or McCain?

Whoever doesn't mess with NAFTA".

Martinez meant McCain, of course, as he refused to revise NAFTA.

You mentioned in your campaign that you would support a revision of NAFTA.

Martinez's op-ed piece can be found here: http://www.eluniversal.

com. mx/editoriales/41383.html These people are not your friends, Mr.

Obama. They despise everything you stand for.

8. Back to the issue of the murders perpetrated by the army under Calderon, on Friday, January 9, Calderon ordered his team of diplomats to lie about the deaths.

He told them to deny that civilians were being massacred in the streets of Mexico so as to create the idea of a Mexico in which the government was simple "cleaning house.

" That's what Calderon want the world to think.

Again, here's the news story on this: 9. But the truth is Calderon has instated a policy of repression in Mexico in which not even high school students can practice their right to freedom of speech.

In 2008, Calderon ordered the army to arrest a high school student who won an award for acadamic excellence simply because he called Calderon "spurious" publicly.

A second studen was also arrested for shouting "Freedom?

What Freedom?

" in front of Calderon.

When he asked why was he being arrested, the army answered him "ask you fucking conscience.

" You can read about this incident here: http://www.unafuente.

com/04-10-2008/calderon-no-es-mi-presidente-premio-nacional-de-la-juventud/ I ask again: is this the person you are meeting with, Mr.

Obama? Now, you may remember vicepresident Al Gore did not want to meet with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, another right-wing latinamerican president.

Uribe is pretty much the same as Calderon.

Why do you want to meet with him, then?

Aren't you aware that in doing so you are merely helping HIM to try to legitimize his electoral fraud?

Because, quite frankly, you are not getting anything out of this meeting.

Calderon just wants to take a picture with you.

If you do allow Caldron to take that picture with you, Mr.

Obama, you will no longer be seen in Mexico and many countries around the world as a symbol of change, but as yet another American President with the same agenda as George W.

Bush. Is that really what you want?

To waste away the hard work of millions of people to get you elected President in the hope of REAL change?

To confirm that your "change" was nothing but fairy tale?

I urge you, Mr.

Obama, NOT to meet with Felipe Calderon.

Do not help somebody who is responsible for murder and repression in Mexico.

That is not who you are.

Let Bush meet with Calderon if he wants to.

But don't bismirch you own reputation by allowing somebody who is behind the murder of innocent--people and who wasn't even elected by the Mexican people--to take a picture with you.

The people who supported you in Mexico, in the US, and around the world, deserve better than that.

Sincerily, (FIRMA) PS: Just to make sure the people of the USA who voted for you read this letter, I'm sending a copy of it to Michael Moore, Democracy Now, The Huffington Post, and MoveOn.

org. I respectfully ask all of them to please distribute this letter to all of their readers.